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Cost of Services - Tier Based Plans

The Winery Order estimates ongoing annual monitoring costs for in-house staff or consultants to range from 80 - 900 hours with an estimated wage range of $35 - $150 an hour, all depending on wastewater volume and Tier. That's up to $135,000 in annual monitoring costs for labor alone. We believe in offering real and mutually benefiting solutions to California wineries, so we settled on an hourly rate 20% below the average, and discounted our calculated monthly costs by another 20% for wineries enrolling prior to the January 20, 2024 deadline. For lower Tier wineries, the cost is just 10% of what the Winery Order estimates. Please reach out to see our full cost of service calculations. 

For reduced annual cost of service, please consider our Referral Program:

For every referral that turns into a one year contract, Northern Water Services will provide one month of free services. So if you refer 12 clients, that's one full year of services at no cost to you!

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